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Olive Oil Myths: Shelf Life

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Olive Oil Myths: Shelf Life

For good reason, there’s much talk about the safe shelf life of food in many households. While you may know the shelf life and proper storage techniques for some foods and beverages, others are not so clear. Such is the case with olive oil, which can be stored in various places including the refrigerator and your kitchen cabinets. Theros olive oil can last for approximately 12-18 months if it’s stored properly. If you are not familiar with proper olive oil storage techniques, we will gladly provide guidance.

Where to Keep Olive Oil

There are two main rules for preserving olive oil, which are where you keep it and how you store it. Heat, light, and humidity are the three main enemies of olive oil. Therefore, the best storage spot will be in a cool, dark, and dry spot. Your cupboard makes an ideal location. The oil should be kept away from appliances the produce heat, such as the oven. No matter where you keep the
olive oil, it should ideally be kept at a temperature of around 57°F. However, it can be stored at a temperature up to 70°F, too. Be sure to keep the olive oil out of direct sunlight to preserve its longevity.

How to Store Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How you store your olive oil is just as important as where you store it to preserve its longevity. If you are keeping the olive oil in the refrigerator, you can store it in a clear glass bottle since you don’t have to worry about light exposure. Keeping it in a clear glass bottle also allows you to see how much is left in the bottle. If you’re keeping the olive oil on the counter, it should be stored in a dark-colored glass bottle or a stainless steel container. The dark bottle or container will keep out sunlight, which can significantly reduce the olive oil’s lifespan. Although you can store olive oil in the refrigerator or the cabinets, the olive oil’s quality will be best at room temperature. Therefore, you can keep small amounts of olive oil on the counter if you need to use it immediately while keeping the majority of the olive oil in the fridge for longer-term storage. The type of container that you use for storing olive oil is just as important. Olive oil should not be stored in plastic containers, as chemicals can leak from the
plastic container into the oil, which alters its taste and can create health problems. Stay away from reactive metal containers too, such as copper and iron, which can react with the oil and also pose health problems. Regardless of the type of container that you use to store olive oil, be sure to keep it tightly sealed with a lid to keep out oxygen. Oxygen can degrade the oil’s quality over
time and eventually make it taste rancid.

Factors That Influence Longevity

Along with where and how you store olive oil, the oil’s physical characteristics can influence its longevity, too. Extra virgin olive oil has a low acidity level, which can make it last longer than virgin or regular olive oil. To be considered extra virgin, olive oil must have an acidity level of 0.8% or less. Theros extra virgin olive oil (TEVOO) has an even lower acidity level of 0.4%, which means that it is a higher-quality olive oil that won’t turn as quickly. Nevertheless, you’ll still want to store your TEVOO properly to get the freshest taste and highest quality product possible. With proper storage in the right container and away from heat and light, you can enjoy your high-quality TEVOO for a year and even more. Don’t hesitate to
contact us to learn more about storing olive oil.

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