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The world's finest all-natural extra virgin olive oil, imported from our roots in the Messinian region of Greece. Available directly to you via online ordering.
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The photo below compares Theros Olive Oil to a common grocery store brand – one that is falsely labeled as “extra virgin.” Some pictures are truly worth 1,000 words!

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Theros Olive Oil vs common grocery brand


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Wondering about the difference between our Regular and Unfiltered oil?

Immediately after cold pressing, our oil is loaded into large drums for shipment from Greece to the US. Gravity takes effect during shipment, and the unfiltered olive particles naturally settle to the bottom of the drums.

Of course, our Regular oil is bottled from the main area of the drums.

Our Unfiltered oil is bottled from the “bottom zone” of the drums and is the absolute best of the best. The oil is thicker, takes on a denser, more opaque appearance, and the flavor is remarkable; it needs to be tried to be believed.

Quantities of our Unfiltered oil are limited (by nature), and as such it will be available only seasonally, and there may be long stretches when it is out of stock.


Some of our more observant customers may notice minor sediment at the very bottom of their Theros Olive Oil bottle or gallon. This is entirely normal, and should be regarded as a good thing!

Why? In a word, freshness. Because our olives are so freshly crushed, shipped and bottled, some small degree of settling is natural. For more detail, see “Regular vs Unfiltered” above.

If you notice some sediment, we recommend shaking vigorously; this will combine the sediment with the oil, adding an additional layer of flavor to this ultra-pure extra virgin olive oil.

  • We ship from Brevard, North Carolina to all points in the US
  • All shipments are securely packaged and sent via FedEx
  • Orders are generally shipped out within 1-3 business days of receipt
  • Shipping charges vary by product and destination; you will be able to calculate shipping as part of the check-out process before final purchase
  • We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB
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While all sales are final upon shipment, we are committed to ensuring you receive your order in full and damage-free. Replacement or refund may be arranged at our discretion in the unlikely event of a missing or damaged shipment. Please contact us should problems occur with delivery.


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As we remain committed to shipping only the freshest olive oil, we are not accepting online orders at this time. Thank you for your interest!