5 Reasons to Try Theros Olive Oil | Theros Olive Oil
The world's finest all-natural extra virgin olive oil, imported from our roots in the Messinian region of Greece. Available directly to you via online ordering.
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5 Reasons to try Theros Olive Oil

5 Reasons to try Theros Olive Oil

When you sample an extra virgin olive oil, do you know what you’re really tasting? Perhaps you’ve always wondered what makes an olive oil “good” or gives it a distinct flavor. Once you’ve tried a taste of Theros Greek olive oil, you’ll notice the difference between the “best” and the “rest” right away. Our exceptionally fresh and high-quality olive oils, as you’ll discover, have many characteristics that make them stand out.




One main difference that sets Theros Greek olive oil (TEVOO) apart from competitors is the acidity level of our olive oils. Olive oils are classified as “extra virgin” based in part on acidity. To be classified as a true EVOO, oil must have an acidity level of 0.8%. Theros EVOO, however, has an even lower acidity content of just 0.4%. In fact, this year’s EVOO batch has an even lower acidity level of 0.3%, which translates to a pure and delicious taste. In comparison, most olive oils you’ll find in the store have a higher acidity level. While some olive oils bear the label of “extra virgin,” they don’t display the acidity level, which means you may not be getting an “extra virgin” oil. Avoid bottles without labels.




The harvesting process is also key to success for olive oils. While many companies have automated the olive oil-producing process, Theros has proudly stuck to its roots. In classic tradition, we harvest our crops by hand to produce world-class Greek olive oils. The process starts by pruning our own trees and then bagging olives in burlap sacks to retain freshness and flavor. Using burlap sacks allows the olives to “sweat” and breathe, which retains freshness and quality.




Timing is everything for making quality EVOO. Within 24 hours of putting our hand-picked olives into burlap sacks, we bring them to our crushing plant for the second phase of the EVOO production process. The EVOO is processed using a cold-press method, which is a natural process that uses pressure to create a high-quality oil with low acidity. Our oil is then bottled and shipped without blending, diluting, or delay. We stick to a strict time limit because the fresher the olives are off the tree, the higher-quality end product you can enjoy.


Family Affair


Each fall, the Theros family gathers for an age-old tradition of creating high-quality TEVOO. Family knows best, as the saying goes, which is evident in our family practice. We use simple but effective old world handling methods to preserve our oils and give you the best product possible. TEVOO comes straight from our land using just our own koriniki olive groves, and it then goes straight to you. There are no corporate transactions involved or commingling with other olive oils to create a mass-produced product. Unlike other companies that might put a label like “Spanish,” “Greek,” or “Italian” olive oil on their products without supporting evidence, we only give you a true, honest product from the land.




Like wine, geography plays a large role in giving EVOO its texture and flavor. Natural elements produce variations in olive oil, much like a fine wine. Theros olive oil comes from olives grown with unique environmental conditions that create a distinctive and supreme taste. The Mediterranean climate of southern Greece, including above-average rainfall levels, along with dry rocky soils and moderate ocean breezes combine to create perfect growing conditions for our premium olives. The end result is a fine olive oil for you.


Once you’ve tasted a Theros olive oil, you’ll never want to go back to a generic store brand. From our below-average acidity levels to superb growing conditions and harvesting techniques, there are many factors that make Theros family EVOO stand out.

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