Individual Bottles | Theros Olive Oil
The world's finest all-natural extra virgin olive oil, imported from our roots in the Messinian region of Greece. Available directly to you via online ordering.
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Individual Bottles


The Bottle

Our beautiful clear-glass 375 ml bottles showcase the deep color and viscosity of Theros Olive Oil. The bottle is tall and elegant, at 13 1/4 inches in height, featuring a sturdy screw top with attached cork to maintain freshness.

Regular or Unfiltered?

Wondering about the difference between our Regular and Unfiltered oil? Click the ‘Description’ box below for more information.

Great for Gift-Giving

Customer feedback has told us that these bottles make wonderful gifts. Roughly the same size and feel as a bottle of wine, but something different…something unique and fresh, with a great story behind it.

Buy More and Save

We suggest limiting individual bottle orders to 5 or fewer. Purchases of half cases (6 bottles each) and full cases (12 bottles) offer significant savings.


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What is our Unfiltered oil?

Immediately after cold pressing, our oil is loaded into large tins for shipment before bottling. Gravity takes effect, and the unfiltered olive particles naturally settle to the bottom of the tins. The oil that is bottled from this “bottom zone” of the tins is the absolute best of the best. The oil is thicker, takes on a denser, more opaque appearance, and the flavor is remarkable; it needs to be tried to be believed. Click the alternate pictures on this page and note the difference in appearance of our unfiltered bottles. Quantities of our Unfiltered oil are limited (by nature), and as such it will be available only seasonally, and there may be long stretches when it is out of stock.

Additional Information
Dimensions 2.1 × 2.1 × 13.25 in