Over the years our family has gathered many tips for getting the most out of our olive oil. We are pleased to share some of them with you here:

  • One of the pleasures – and “secrets” – of our top-quality olive oil is discovering all the varied ways it can be used, whether in cooking or as a direct accompaniment to food. We recommend using our oil to sauté (or baste when grilling) any meat, poultry, seafood or vegetable. Anytime you are cooking eggs or omelets, use our oil as a replacement for butter. Use our oil in all your salads, with balsamic or red wine vinegar, or any other vinegar of your choice. Of course, use our oil for dipping when serving bread with dinner or as an appetizer. In short, experiment with our oil in any situation where you would typically use butter or other condiments – you will be pleasantly surprised at the results! Our oil truly does bring a distinct, different and special taste to all foods with which it is used.

  • A premium olive oil such as ours does not need to be refrigerated after opening. In fact, it will remain at a high quality level when stored in a cool, dark place for six to twelve months.

  • Our oil should be stored in an air-tight container; simply keeping it in our bottle with the cap tightly secured will do the trick.

  • Our oil is good for your health!  Incidence of heart disease is far lower in Greece and other Mediterranean countries, in large part due to the regular use of high-quality olive oil in place of butter and other less healthy condiments. As a monounsaturated fat, olive oil also increases HDL, also known as “good cholesterol.”

  • Many Greeks simply eat a tablespoon of oil each day for health reasons – it can help reduce your cholesterol!


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